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Become a Dealer Showroom for Jazz & Riffs Cabinet Hardware Collection. Review our display boards for your showroom display or negotiate a custom grouping. Contact us to receive a quick sign-up form and schedule your display boards.

#3 Display Board - Jazz & Riffs Collection Square Pulls

Board Size: 13'' Wide x 18'' Long
Board Material: Light Horizontal Grain Beach Wood -
Display board 'Stand' sold separately

Jazz & Riffs Square Pull shown in all 4 sizes:
▪ Jazz 2x2 Color: Clear -Standard Color
▪ Jazz 4x4 Color: Golden Eyes - Premium Color
▪ Jazz 6x6 Color: Mink - Premium Color
▪ Riffs 6x6 Color: Snow White - Standard Color
▪ Riffs 4x4 Color; Bombay Blue - Standard Color
▪ Riffs 2x2 Color: Stormy Black - Standard Color
▪ Associate Knobs Colors: Prefect Pink-PC, Love That Red-PC, Aqua Marine-PC, Clear-SC.


#4 Display Board - J&R Combination Pulls

J&R Combination Display Board
Board Size: 22'' wide x 18'' tall
Board Material: Wood painted white

Jazz & Riffs Pulls:
▪ J&R 4'' thin pull Shown: in 9 of our 11 colors
▪ Jazz 6'' Long Pull - Color: Garden Green
▪ Jazz 8'' Thin Pull - Color: Snow White
▪ Jazz 4x4 Square Pull - Color: Clear
▪ Riffs 2x2 Square Pull - Color: Snow White
▪ Jazz 12'' Deluxe Long Pull - Color: Mink
▪ Riffs 16'' Long Thin Pull - Color: Love That Red
▪ Knobs - Colors: 5 assorted colors

Price of Display Board: call for pricing