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Founder Alexa Milton IIDA

About Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection

Stunning luxury cabinet hardware made of forged glass fused to a solid stainless-steel base, Jazz & Riffs hardware is elegant and durable, pieces sparkle an shine with pure clear color, each piece of hardware was designed to be placed with Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional styles of cabinetry, Jazz & Riffs enhances the luxe of the interiors, harmonizing yet composed, Jazz & Riffs Hardware adds that finishing touch of jewelry to complete the design of your space.

Jazz and Riffs cabinet hardware was inspired by Interior Designer, Alexa Milton IIDA, for her hospitality projects, each piece was designed for a specific look of cabinetry and style for the interior she was creating, the ambient light played an important part in how Jazz & Riffs pieces were designed and how they enhanced the surrounding materials and the cabinetry design in the interiors. Alexa Milton IIDA founded and created Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection LLC and has US Design Patents on the designs, there is no other cabinet hardware like it, in the marketplace today.

Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection is built through a sustainable process handmade in the USA, it has 10 beautiful colors of glass that were created specifically to work with the stainless-steel finishes, designs were created to standard alone and to mix and match collections to fit your specific cabinet styles an sizes, all pieces are made to order in a 4 week schedule lead time, for more information please contact us, we would love to hear from you.