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Cabinet doors and drawers' hardware handles materials pieces comes in.


Jazz & Riffs Offers 11 beautiful Glass Colors to pick from. Colors and styles can be mixed and matched in both collections. Viewed Standard Colors column

We offer 5 of our most popular colors as our Standard Colors: Clear/ a crystalized silver, - Snow White /cool icicle white, Stormy Black /soft black-gray, Purple Haze / a mist of purple, Bombay Blue /brilliant in blue.

We also offer our 6 Premium Colors, Aqua Marine /favored in SPA interiors, Garden Green/ rich & distinct, Mink/bronze-brown, Perfect Pink/soft fuchsia, and Love That Red / flawless.

Metal Stainless-steel Finishes: come in our own soft brushed Satin Nickel and Polished Mirror.

Please see Standard Colors pages.